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We are also a family run business offering no hard sales, highest standards of fitting with the most competitive prices around and a full 3 year guarantee on all products.
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Made To Measure Plantation & Bay Window Shutter Fitters in London (UK)

Lifestyle Shutters and Blinds specialise in beautiful bespoke window shutters for customers throughout London. A well-chosen shutter has the ability to maximise any living space with the ability to effectively control the light and privacy in the room, whilst adding to the overall style and decor of your home. With a wide range of shutters available, we can provide you with a shutter that matches any budget and taste.

We appreciate that the thought of selecting a shutter can be an overwhelming; therefore, one of our advisors will be happy to offer FREE advice and guidance on selecting a shutter that is perfectly suited for your home. With a wide range of colours, styles and finishes available, we are confident that we can select shutter that is ideal for your home.

Window Shutters can be specifically designed to provide a flexible control of light, ventilation and privacy and when fitted correctly, they can improve energy efficiency. At the top end of our shutter range boast benefits throughout the year, such as heat retention during the winter months and keeping your room cool in the summer.

Our bespoke design and install services guarantees that you receive a reliable, stress free and professional service, from your initial enquiry through to its installation of the shutter.

Four Window Shutter Designs Available:

    Full Height Shutters

  • Shutters are built to dress the full height of your window, from top to bottom. Full height shutters are the most simple style design, but the most versatile and elegant.
  • Full Height Shutters With Mid Rail

  • This shutter is designed to cover tall windows, where the shutters need additional strength to prevent them warping. The panels are separated into two separate sections with separate tilt rod, which allow the top and bottom sections to be opened and closed independently.
  • Cafe Style Shutters

  • This style only covers the bottom half of the window, which allows privacy up to the mid-point of the window and therefore letting the maximum amount of light to come through the top. These shutters are very popular with people living in town houses with 3 sided bay windows or busy areas.
  • Tier on Tier Shutters

  • This is the most versatile design of shutter and has two sets of shutters hung one about the other. The top shutters can be opened, closed and folded back totally independently from the bottom shutters. This allows the total privacy when the shutters are closed of the cafe option with the top are folded back.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

Plantation Shutters is a popular product for homeowners throughout the UK. This is chiefly because of their versatility and ability to suit the decor of any room, whilst providing a distinct and bold feature for your window.

Shutters are unlike other window dressing products that are on the market, similarly to the curtain, they offer warmth, privacy and the ability to complete shut out light or being able to open right up to let all the sunlight come into your home. You can use your shutters like venetian blinds and when our consultant visits you, and then help you select a louver size that is best suited to your light and privacy requirements.

By choosing Lifestyle Shutters to design and install your shutters, you can rely on a reliable service with expert installation by qualified carpenters, as well as a 3 year guarantee.

Phoenix - High Quality Wood Venetian Shutters

These are high quality wood venetian shutters, which offer an extensive range of options and features. The wood venetians are more similar to designer drapes than shutters.

Phoenix wood venetian blinds are available in 63mm, 50mm. They closely match the appearance of our Phoenix wooden shutter range and can be specifically customised to your exact specifications.

All Phoenix blinds are available in widths 305-3000mm and drops 245-3000mm, with a variety of control positions. Our exclusive finishing process ensures our colours and textures are always rich. Choose from a wide array of the latest and most popular prints and stains, matching our Phoenix wood shutters, or why not use our custom colour matching service.

Boston Shutters - Crafted from Solid Basswood

Crafted from solid Basswood, the Boston is a competitively priced hardwood and a popular material for shutters.

Carolina Shutters - Motorised Options Available

Constructed in FSC White Teak, this product is our most impressive range. It is available in any shape, paint colour or large choice of wood stains and with motorised options too.

Georgia - Luxurious Shutter at an Affordable Price

The Georgia shutter, technically at the pinnacle of shutter design. Engineered frames and ABS louvers finished in an etched PP coating, and then sprayed in up to 28 different colour choices, which includes a selection of popular F&B colours. This is important because, as they tell all their customers at A-Top Roofing, it's important to coordinate the color of your shutters with the color of your walls and the architectural style of your house. The Georgia offers a luxurious shutter for an affordable price.

Hollywood - The Ideal Bathroom Shutter

Bathroom shutter ideal for harsh environments such as wet rooms, or showers, anywhere really that needs a tough but good looking window treatment that will last. The new closed-cell composite shutter technology ensures superior strength, stillness and wont warp, dent or chip.

Seattle Shutters - Extremely Durable White Finishes

An engineered product comprising of the best off-cut timber, which is bound and laminated with epoxy to create a light, durable lumbar core in a choice of five extremely durable white finishes. Boasting a versatile and an easily maintainable surface, this range is popular due its elegant appearance yet modest price.

Advantages of Shutters - Clean and Modern Look for your Home

There are a host of benefits for your home, when you install our lifestyle shutters. The shutters are an attractive way to dress your windows, because they look just as elegant from the outside as they do on the inside.

The shutters offer a clean and modern look for your home, while adding value to your property due to their effectiveness in terms of privacy, light control and insulation. You will have the ability to control the amount of light that comes into your home by using a tilt rod, which controls the louvers in the shutter. By simply adjusting the louvers, you can prevent people from outside peering into your home as they offer complete privacy and security.